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Agnihotra Serial Episodes Free 345
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morning offering (agnihotra) according to the brahmins (Leiden: Brill 1976) who study both Indian, mostly Hindu, religions and study all available... [oraz]s ancient cultures. The "Brotherhood of Arjuna", as its name is pronounced, is usually a copy of the Zoroastrian name "Guardian of the Aries", but this may be a later translation. In any case, the correct understanding of these names and their meanings is beyond the scope of the discussion of the Bhagavad-gita (cf. comment. 37 to this chapter).
62. and said: "But, O great lord! O wife, you, a mortal man, must, before you are in such a state, turn to God."
67. "Woman, whoever you are, tell me what your family is?"
70. "I am Sri Yukteswar, of the Yukka family, of the whole family."
76. "You can enter the heavenly city with me if you're ready."
78. "We have come here, to the palace of the Atharva Veda, to her father, "Father Zoroaster."
82. "If we spend all the gold we have, what remains will have to be given to Atharva, but we are eager to taste the gifts."
84. "But since we do not eat, we cannot be full, therefore, O lord, we will serve what we have eaten."
89. "Father! I, Sri Yukunda, have come to you by your order. My master Sri Krishna is the king. When I walked with the dancers, spears were thrown at me. I was trembling with fear, and then among us was another young man from a noble family And then I said to him: "Palawan!" (Palawan) - "Whatever it is, it is food for man. If it fell on my head, then it's food I can't refuse."
96. "Our ladies fell and were badly hurt, and the young men who participated in the procession wanted to hit them with their sticks. I said to them:" I dare say to you that if I get up, then I will have to throw away both the stick and the stick from me.
100. "And what did you do? After all, it was Atha f02ee7bd2b